Thursday, December 4, 2014

P.F Chang's restaurant review - Dubai

P.F Chang’s restaurant at Mirdif city center Dubai welcomes you with a pair of 11 ft tall horses at the entrance which I believe is based of Feng Shui principles. The staff is very friendly and we managed to find a table for two instantly.

The waitress guides you to your table, presents the menu and offers you a pair of chopsticks. The atmosphere at P.F Chang’s is calm and the lights are dimmed. The interiors represent the fusion of the Chinese and the American cultures.  

P.F Chang’s menu includes starters, soups, salads, chicken plates, beef plates, vegetarian plates, seafood, noodles, miens, rice, side dishes, drinks and a separate menu for desserts. Every dish is well described and a small red Chinese sign (or letter) is present next to spicy dishes. Pictures of P.F Chang’s popular dishes are also provided in the menu.


The two most popular dishes at P.F chang’s are the infamous dynamite shrimps and the lettuce wraps. Since am not into shrimps I decided to go for the lettuce wraps. A plate full of little pieces of chicken served with fresh iceberg lettuce wraps arrived shortly.
The combination of wok chicken and lettuce was wonderful and I really enjoyed it, no wonder why it became the most popular appetizer of P.F Chang’s.

We also ordered a mojito and a cherry soda. The mojito tasted great but I must say that I’ve had better mojitos in other restaurants.

Every waitress at P.F Chang’s has their own mixture of 6 different sauces. Our lovely waitress combined some soya sauce with a mixture of chilly, vinegar and mustard. It tasted good and we added it to most of the plates we had.

Sweet and sour chicken served with plain rice was a great dish. Chicken Lo Mein noodles tasted amazing and we finished the whole plate in no time.  

We had a chocolate brownie topped with crushed walnuts and served with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. It was a nice combination of hot and cold and we enjoyed it.

The overall experience was pleasant and I’d definitely visit them again.

P.F chang’s Dubai is located in Mirdif city center, Deira city center, Dubai mall, Mall of the Emirates and Jumairah Beach Residence (JBR)

The food ordered and prices in UAE dirhams:
Cherry Soda -----22 AED
Pear Mojito-----22 AED
Chicken Lettuce Wraps----- 44 AED
Sweet and Sour Chicken----- 55 AED
Lo Mein Chicken Noodles----- 46 AED
Chocolate Brownie----- 39 AED

Total price for two: 228 AED      
Staff 5/5
Atmosphere 4/5
Cleanness 5/5
Interiors 5/5
Plate presentation 3/5
Plate portion 5/5

Food and overall experience: 4.5/5

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  1. This is a Asian place for Asian food with American style. Usually the portions are very big, is very crowded and noisy, the quality of the food is good, the service is magnificent!