Thursday, September 11, 2014

Milas restaurant review - Dubai

Milas restaurant represents the art of the modern Emirati cuisine. It is located in one of the biggest and most prestigious mall in The UAE, The Dubai mall, situated in The Village on the ground floor near the cinema parking.

Milas welcomes you with a modern yet warm atmosphere. I was invited to attend as a special guest; however this review is made for regular customers who as I noticed were treated as wonderful as special guests.

Their menu includes a variety of dishes from the modern Emirati cuisine presented in a contemporary and unique manner.

Milas nakhi

I started with delicious boiled chickpeas, served with lemon garlic sauce, cumin and roasted pine nuts. The cumin mixed with the sour lemon garlic sauce gave it a special taste which I liked.

I've tried two types of salads and my favorite was the Rocca cheese salad. It had Rocca, white onion rings, fresh thyme and parsley served with sesame coated cheese and lemon garlic dressing. 

Rocca cheese salad----38 dhs.

The semsem salad had romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot and red onion served with roasted sesame seeds and pomegranate dressing which also tasted fresh.

Semsem salad----- 25 dhs.

 From the cold appetizers I’ve tried a spicy spread made of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice, jalapeno and coriander served with crispy onion and olive oil. It was a little too spicy for me but if you are interested in spicy food you may like this dish.

Nakhi harr----- 26 dhs.

I’ve also had two of their hot appetizers and my favorite was Chicken Halloumi which is made of chicken and halloumi cheese diced and served with creamy tomato sauce, Rocca and roasted pine nuts.

Halloum deyay

Their harees was creamy and tasty just like the one you make at home. For those who aren’t familiar with harees it is basically cracked wheat and meat served with melted ghee on top. 

harees----- 37 dhs.

The shawarma had both chicken and meat wrapped in a tender bread. I liked how it was presented nicely and in a modern way.


I’ve also tried their mix pizza which also had chickpeas and chicken in it. 

Mix pizza (chicken and chickpeas)

I’ve really liked their Mbahar Deyay which had marinated chicken breast served with saffron rice, milas sauce, fried nuts and crispy onion. The chicken was tender and the sauce was really tasty.

Mbahar Deyay----- 59 dhs.

 For those who are interested in sea food you may probably like their Sammach Harr which is a sea bream fillet served with spicy capsicum sauce and rice on the side.

Sammach harr----- 65 dhs.

 I’m not a big fan of shrimps but their spicy grilled shrimp was really good, the shrimp was soft and well marinated. Their grilled chicken also tasted well and tender.

Mix grill

Their list of beverages is long, I personally recommend the desert rose drink it is so refreshing and fruity.

Dessert rose-----28 dhs.

 Another drink named after the famous Ramadan drink Vimto also caught my attention. It tasted good but was a little too sweet for me.

Vimto-----24 dhs.

Speaking of sweets their desserts looked and tasted wonderful. I have tried their special Kunafa served with crushed pistachio. You wouldn’t guess it is kunafa because of the modern way of presentation and it is special color.

Milas kunafa----- 31 dhs.

The fried Ice cream had a core of plain vanilla ice cream wrapped in crispy dough. 

Fried ice cream-----33 dhs.

Traditional Arabic coffee is also on their menu for those who are interested in the special aroma and taste of Arabic coffee.

Arabic coffee-----22 dhs.

The overall expirence at Milas resturant was pleasant. The food was great, staff was very friendly and welcoming with great knowledge. The restaurant atmosphere is modern yet comfortable. I had the chance to meet and talk to their executive chef who showed a great passion for food and the modern Emirati cuisine.

My personal recommendations are Mbahar Deyay, Chicken halloumi, Rocca cheese salad and desert rose beverage.

Milas restaurant opens every day from 9:30 am till 11:30 pm and extends to 12:30 midnight on Weekends. Since it is located in Dubai mall you may also get the chance to witness the tallest building in the world and the other wonders of Dubai Mall.

A special thank you for everyone who was behind the very spectacular invitation I received. Your great and generous hospitality only indicates your true passion for food and the art of enjoying it as your logo says: Food is pleasure, enjoying it is an Art.  

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