Saturday, June 20, 2015

Iftar in Dubai 2015: Majlis Al Safinah Jumeirah Beach Hotel review

People gather in Ramadan to break their fast together at sunset over a feast called “Iftar”. Nothing beats a homemade Iftar at home with family and friends, however it is also pleasant to step out of the house in Ramadan and enjoy an Iftar outing with your special ones. 

Yesterday we decided to go for Iftar at Majlis Al Safinah Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. It was a pleasant evening indeed with such a great atmosphere and delicious food.
Free valet parking was offered for Majlis Al Safina ballroom visitors. We were guided to our reserved table for two and seated nicely.

image courtesy of Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The open buffet had a variety of cold and hot Middle Eastern mezze, salads, soups, live stations of BBQs and freshly fried samosa, wide selection of main courses from the Middle Eastern cuisine such as roasted lamb ouzi, sheesh barak, slowly cooked chicken with tomato sauce and lots of other dishes of chicken, beef and vegetables. The dessert section had a broad selection of Middle Eastern desserts such as lgaimat, basboosa, knafeh and many other delicious cakes and chocolate desserts. Arabic juices of Ramadan such as jellab, qamar al deen and tamr hindi were also included in the open buffet along with laban drink, orange and apple juice. Arabic coffee was also served for guests.

image courtesy of Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The ballroom atmosphere is elegantly furnished with a touch of Ramadan spirit. The seating capacity is 400 guests with plenty of space to walk in between the tables. The buffet is displayed in a separate well organized hall.

The Iftar buffet is offered at AED 195 per person and available from sunset until 20:45.

The overall experience at Majlis Al Safina was spectacular and I recommend it for those who are looking for good food, elegant and calm atmosphere.

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