Thursday, February 26, 2015

AB’s absolute barbeques restaurant review

Many of my fellow foodies have been reviewing AB’s absolute barbeques restaurant lately and most if not all of the reviewers highly recommend it. It made me wonder what makes this place so special until I’ve received an invitation from the restaurant to visit them and review their restaurant. 

AB’s absolute barbeques is located in Dubai media city, Sidra towers. It was very easy to find and reach their location in no time. Free underground parking was available for AB’s restaurant visitors.

I was nicely welcomed and introduced to the restaurant’s concept which is basically revolves around India’s favorite grilled items. I was told that it is a quite famous restaurant in India and it was newly opened in Dubai.

Their menu was categorized into starters, wish grill items, main courses, soups and desserts. Each category was divided into two columns: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Drinks had a separate menu demonstrated by pictures of each drink. I had a mojito which was really good and refreshing.
Plain mojito ★★★★★

You get to pick your own wish grill items and combine them together at AB’s restaurant. I combined noodles, broccoli, baby corn and mushrooms together with a delicious white sauce. You can also choose to add non vegetarian items like turkey, duck, baby octopus, quail, squid and prawn.

Vegetarian wish grill 5/5

Non vegetarian wish grill 5/5

Now let’s get to the most interesting part in AB’s absolute barbeque restaurant. As the name suggests AB’s has a wide collection of barbeques which is served on table grill at the center of your table. I was served both vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbeques.

Non vegetarian
Achari mushroom 4/5
American cheesy potato 3/5
Crispy corn 5/5
Moroccan grilled veg 3/5
Churrasco pineapple 4/5
Grilled watermelon 3/5
Parsley fish 5/5
BBQ shingapuri chicken 4/5
Awadhi mutton seekh kabab 3/4
Kastoori chicken tikka 5/5

Their main course is an open buffet with various options to choose form. I tried the vegetarian biryani, butter chicken, AB’s special dal and the Napolitano pasta. Paya shorba was also served.

Vegetarian biryani 4/5
Butter chicken 5/5
AB’s special dal 3/5
Napolitano pasta 3/5
Paya shorba 3/5

The desserts section was also displayed as an open buffet. Each dessert was served in a small bite size which is something I really liked.

Peanet butter cheese cake 4/5

Indrani 5/5

Phirnee 4/5

Coconut tiramisu 4/5
Angooti gulab jamun 3/5

Caramel custard 4/5
Fresh cut fruits 4/5

Lunch at AB’s barbeques was really fulfilling and quite delicious. I recommend it for those who want to enjoy an outdoor barbeque in an indoor setting.  

Staff 5/5
Atmosphere 4/5
Cleanness 5/5
Interiors 3/5
Plate presentation 5/5
Plate portion 5/5

Food and overall experience: 4/5

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