Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Ripe night market - Dubai Al Barsha pond park

Celebrate great food, beautiful crafts and enchanting lights every Saturday at the ripe night market in Al Barsha pond park Dubai.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when we decided to visit the ripe night market. Finding Al Barsha pond Park was not issue and there were plenty of free parking slots by the time we arrived around 5 PM.

At the entrance you will see the Ripe stall filled with organic fruits and vegetables which are displayed neatly along with their fixed prices. You can also grab some fresh honey, eggs or teabags from the same stall.

Walking through the other vendors I couldn’t resist not stopping at each vendor and taking a look at their products, tasting this and buying that. Here is a glimpse of some of the vendors which I found interesting.

“Zois fine food” had a really delicious Tahini with 3 unique flavors: plain, chocolate and orange.

At the “Sunny’s Pop” stall you will find a variety of delicious popcorn flavors, cotton candy, caramel apples and candy apples.

If you are a frozen yogurt lover stop by the “Melt frozen yogurt” stall and get yourself this tasty guilt free dessert.

“Ka’ak Al Manara” has the traditional ka’ak which we all love. You can choose a savory or sweet ka’ak with different fillings available for you to choose from.  

These lovely cupcakes and cookies were nicely displayed at “spontiphora”

“HeartMade buns” had delicious homemade gluten free buns, made mainly with tapioca flour and a special combination of cheese.

Stop by the “Coconut Water” stall and get yourself this refreshing and full of nutrient drink.

“The Joinery Shop” had the cutest wooden signs! Every piece carried a special meaning and a unique design for you to display at your place. 

If you are into aroma therapy and hand poured candles you may want to stop by the “palm lights” stall and take a look at their special candles made out of natural palm wax.

 You will find these natural scented hand soaps at one of the stalls there. They looked and smelled wonderful.

You can also find romantic lights to hang at your place, customized signs, jewelries and lots of other handmade products.

As the sun sat we decided to satisfy our cravings. My friend and I had a delicious chicken sandwich with a dip of condensed chicken broth from a stall that had a live grilling table, and a chicken shawrma with fries from “JJ Chicken” Both sandwiches were really good.

 For desserts we had a light churrus dusted with powder sugar and cinnamon along with a cup of hot chocolate at “Taqado Mexican Kitchen”

The ripe night market is definitely a wonderful place to spend a Saturday evening with your friends or family. Remember to head to Al Barsha pond park next Saturday and enjoy your evening!

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